10 House & Techno Artists to Watch in 2023 – EDM Identity

The house and techno scene blew us out of the water last year, with future stars pulling out all the stops – and here’s who we’ve got our eyes on in 2023!

It seems like the pandemic was just an awful fever dream as we reflect on a bustling 2022 under the lasers and lights. When it comes specifically to the house and techno scene, its popularity has never been …….

Unions and Video Games – The New York Times

Tonight, tens of millions of Americans will wind down from a day of work or school with a leisure activity that did not exist a century ago: video games.

Until fairly recently, games were considered a niche hobby, typically associated with children. But the industry has grown widely in recent decades. About two-thirds of Americans, m…….

Bitcoin’s 2023 rally gathers steam as cryptocurrency briefly tops $23,000 – CNBC

Bitcoin had a tough 2022. Now investors are looking toward 2023 with caution when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Thomas Trutschel | Photothek | Getty Images

Bitcoin continued its climb Monday as traders took news of another crypto bankruptcy in their stride and placed bets on a Federal Reserve “pivot” to cutting interest rates.

The price of the No. 1 token briefly topped $23,10…….

Ukraine inches closer to NATO with cybersecurity collab – The Register

Ukraine has taken another step toward deepening its ties to NATO by signing an agreement to formalize its participation in the security alliance’s Joint Center for Advanced Technologies in Cyber Defense (CCDCOE).  

The CCDCOE functions as a cyber-defense knowledge hub, research institution, and training and exercise facility that assists members with technology, threat-sharing and pol…….

Microsoft’s new features for PowerPoint can bring your presentations to life – ZDNet

Microsoft’s new Cameo feature for PowerPoint and Teams will soon let users put a video feed inside a presentation, and now the company has provided more details of how it will work.

The Cameo feature lets users choose how and where their faces from a Teams video will appear on live PowerPoint slides and offers recommendations where to optimally place the feed, or to record the presen…….